Saturday, December 17, 2011

Why (5)

This week the question I asked myself was: Why do YA novels have so many love triangles?

Since this question popped into my head I had to ask myself how I felt about love triangles. I realized for the most part I don't mind them. Love triangles always have readers wondering who is the character going to select. I feel as though it adds to the tension in the novel. As I'm reading I ask myself who should the character choose? Who makes the better fit with the lead? And who do I want to see them with? I love thinking about this as I read wondering if my choice will be right. I also think it has something to do with picking sides. Readers get to say they are Team A or Team B and they have someone to rally around as the story continues. I also read more quickly so that I can find out who the lead will eventually end up with.

Of course there are also issues with love triangles that can get annoying. If the lead takes forever to choose someone that can lead me, the reader to say enough already. Pick someone and stop leading the other character on. Or perhaps if the lead does not pick the person we have been rooting for them to be with I tend to feel let down. Though I must say that hasn't happened too often. Another downside to a love triangle is that sometimes even though the character selected the person that was right for them, someone always gets hurt. After getting to know these characters it's always sad when they inevitably end up getting hurt.

Love triangles can have both good and bad sides. What are your feelings about love triangles? Do you love them, hate them or do you really not mind them?


  1. Love triangles are just another tool for me. It's true that lately, the number of them has increased drastically, but I've yet to find myself wondering who the lead is going to choose.

    I find myself quite often rooting for the poor sidekick who's invariably kicked to the curb, which makes me feel a little wary when the love triangle ends up being the most prominent part of the plot.

    However, I tend not to mind too much if there's action, decent plot, and good characterization.

    Then again, if the author has those three bases covered, he can do anything he wants with the book and I'll be on board...

    Another question about triangles that haunts me regularly: Why does everyone write in trilogies? What's with the magical three anyway?

    Thanks for the post!

    Ron @ Stories of my life

  2. Ron C. Nieto
    I don't like when a love triangle is the main focus of a book either. I prefer when the plot takes center stage and the love triangle is more of a background issue.

    I'm not sure why so many trilogies are coming out. I like a longer series but that's just because I can't seem to let go of characters I have come to love.