Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Review: "Endure" by Carrie Jones

Endure (Need, #4)
Endure (Need #4)
Publication Date: May 8, 2012
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Hardcover 262 pgs
Zara is at the center of an all-out war, and an impending apocalypse. True, she’s successfully rescued Nick from Valhalla, but it simply isn’t enough. Bedford is being ravaged by evil pixies and they need much more than one great warrior; they need an army. Zara isn’t sure what her role is anymore. She’s not just fighting for her friends, she’s also a pixie queen. And to align her team of pixies with the humans she loves will be one of her greatest battles yet. Especially since she can’t even reconcile her growing feelings for her pixie king…

Unexpected turns, surprising revelations, and one utterly satisfying romantic finale make Endure a thrilling end to this series of bestsellers.(Goodreads)
     I was excited to read Endure but sad at the same time since I didn't want this series to end. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, at least that's what they say. Once I started reading I was sucked back into Zara's world of pixies and weres. Everything is coming to a head. Zara must try to prevent the apocalypse so that the world and people she loves won't be destroyed forever. Her town is slowly being destroyed and Zara is doing all that she can to figure out how to stop the apocalypse when the evil pixies always seem to be one step ahead.
     It was sad to see Zara struggle with her relationship with Nick. She fought to get him back from Valhalla yet once he came back the two have struggled to deal with the consequences of what Zara had to do to get him back. I'm a huge fan of the interactions between Zara and Astley in this book. He doesn't hover or treat like she's fragile. Astley, as always is by her side supporting the decisions she makes and giving her comfort when she needs it. She also gets a lot of support from her best friend Issie. Who is just as adorable in this book as she was in the others. We don't see as much of the secondary characters as most of the focus is on Zara, and her quest to stop the apocalypse.
     I really liked the way this series ended. I enjoyed how Zara's story was far from predictable and had me relishing each page to see how her story would conclude. Endure was intense, sad, compelling, with a bit of romance thrown in. I felt as though all my questions were answered leaving me satisfied as I read the last page.
     I like how this cover fits in with the other's in this series. I love the bold, gold eye but I wish the head was at a different angle. All in all I think it's very eye catching.

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