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Review: Hidden Beneath by Lauryn April

Hidden Beneath (Into the Deep, #2)
Hidden Beneath ( Into the Deep #2)
Publication Date: August 17, 2013
Kindle Edition
Just when Ivy Daniels thought her life was going exactly how she wanted it, a surprise visitor arrives to shake up her world. Two years after an accident left Ivy with the ability to read minds she’s finally put her past behind her. Now, the summer after her senior year of high school Ivy is looking forward to going away to college and enjoying the rest of her vacation with her best friend Charlie and boyfriend Aden. The life altering events of her junior year of high school that made her realize things aren’t always as they appear have been pushed to the back of Ivy’s mind, and so has the memory of the one person who helped her though them – that is until he shows up on her door step a month before she leaves for L.A. asking for her help.

Where has Ivy’s ex-boyfriend, Brant, been, and why did he leave? Find out in this sequel to Into the Deep that will lead take you on an adventure filled with secrets, lost love, and forgiveness. (Goodreads)
     I was really excited when I found out that there was going to be a sequel to Into the Deep. I really enjoyed reading about the main character, Ivy as she not only learned to deal with her ability to read minds but also as she discovered, love and the meaning of true friendship. The story in Hidden Beneath takes place long after the events of Into the Deep. Ivy is headed off to college with her best friend, Charlie. Her life is vastly different from how it was in Into the Deep. Though she had accepted her gift she hasn't really used it because she wants to try and be normal again. Her relationship with Brant is over and she has since started dating Aden. In Hidden Beneath we'll find out why Brant and Ivy are no longer together. We'll also watch as Ivy slowly learns to use her gift to solve a mystery that has plagued the mind of someone she cares about.
     One of the things I really enjoy about these books is the mystery. I love the suspense that has me wondering what is going to happen next. I also like when the characters I'm reading about are able to draw me in and make me hope that all will end well for them. Ivy is one of those characters. Since I hadn't read the description of what this book was about, I just jumped right in and started reading. So I was shocked when I discovered Ivy and Brant were no longer together. I literally had to re-read the passage and all I could think was What?! Why?! I loved them as a couple and I was sad for them. Luckily we find out why and readers aren't left wondering what happened. I'm also glad that Hidden Beneath solves a mystery that developed during the 1st book. I was happy that certain characters were able to get some answers to a mystery that had left them with a ton of questions but few answers.
     Hidden Beneath is a great follow up to Into the Deep. We get another interesting mystery that had me wondering what was going to happen next. Plus I liked being able to get back into the head of a really great character. As an added bonus there are a few scenes at the end of the book told from another character's POV. Let's just say I really, really liked those scenes! My one issue with this book was that I would have liked to learn more about Charlie. I just think that she is an interesting character but we don't get to see much from her.
Hmm...not sure how to feel about this cover. I don't hate it but It's not my favorite of the two books. One thing I really like is the font used for the title and the placement of both the title and the author's name. It really bugs me when the title and the author's name are all over the cover making me wonder why anyone bothered to put any imagine behind the gigantic titles.

*book provided by author for a fair and honest review*

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