Monday, November 28, 2011

Falling Behind!

Lately I realize that I have been posting less and less. I think because of the holidays I have been lethargic and unwilling to sit down and get my posts done. I know! I know! How embarrassing. It's not that I'm not reading I am but I just haven't been as update with my reviews as I would like to be.

 I have always been a horrible procrastinator. For example try writing a 20 page paper on the day before it's due. Yeah I've done that a few times. The bad part about that is not only did I have all the research material I needed for weeks, I probably could have done a better job at writing the paper. But when you do things at the last minute you get what you get. Luckily for me these were only first drafts. So, I had time to fix my mistakes. Apparently I have time management issues then throw in my need to wait to last second and there you have me, in a nutshell.

I will try to go better about getting my reviews done closer to when I actually read the book. Because it just causes memory issues and I'm left wondering why  I even liked the book in the first place. Was it the characters, the plot, the writing style, or a combination?  I tend to end up more frustrated then I need to be. What I am trying to say is that hopefully in the future I will be able to work on my time issues and get my reviews done in a more timely manner.

Please tell me I am not the only one with this issue. If I am I will suffer my fate in silence(after this post) but if you have similar issues and wish to share that would be awesome. Not that you have an issue but that you want to share.


  1. I am totally the same way! I get told about papers and projects weeks in advance but then I never do them because I keep thinking, oh i have all the time in the world, I'll do it later. Then I run out of time. Duh lol. I totally feel you. And it doesn't help that the holidays make you just want to relax and read and get nothing accomplished otherwise.


  2. Everything is a little slower around the holidays. It's completely understandable!! I'm a horrible procrastinator too! I always read books for blog tours the day or 2 before my post!

  3. Nichole-- Glad to see I'm not the only one. Yeah the holidays do make me want to relax and not get things done but hopefully I'll power through and get stuff done despite my need to be lazy.

    carole-- I guess we all get a little behind and us procrastinators well I guess we like to make things tough on ourselves.

  4. That's okay :)

    When people ask me what I for a living, I tend to describe myself as a Master Procrastinator. And usually, while procrastinating from procrastination, I get a thing or two done.

    I have two TBR piles: the usual To Be Read... and the dreaded To Be Reviewed! Currently, I'm six reviews behind. And it doesn't stop me from reading more books, making the list even longer... *shudders*

    The important thing, at the end of the day, is that you enjoy sitting down to blog. If you do, you'll find a way to prevent slackiness, I think. Mine involves review-writing bouts followed by weeks where nearly all my posts have been scheduled in advance, for example. And a planning of what goes up when - no excuses! If you accept a good excuse, then you open the door for hordes of bad excuses...

    Anyway. Falling behind is something that happens to everyone, I believe. Don't worry! We'll be around to cheer you on and help keep each other on track!

    Ron @ Stories of my life

  5. Ron C. Nieto
    Thanks so much! I think I just have to realize I am a giant procrastinator and work around that issue. I really enjoy blogging. I think my favorite part is reading an amazing book then getting to praise it, for all it wonderfulness.
    And the blogging community is great. I get amazing feedback and I get to read some awesome posts.