Friday, July 13, 2012

Kaidan's Match--YA Crush Tournament!!

Kaidan Rowe "Sweet Evil"
Happy Friday the 13th. 

If you don't have any plans today you could head over to The YA Sisterhood's blog to vote in the YA Crush Tournament. Might I suggest that you vote for the extremely HOTT Kaidan Rowe. It's his first match and since he's my top pick I would love it if he made it through his first round. As it is he is falling behind and could us all the votes he can get. Just click on the link above and it will take you directly to the match:) 
His advocate  Tara @ Tater's Tall Tails has made a strong case for him so head over so she can explain why Kaidan deserves your vote. I'll leave you with a a couple steamy scenes to help showcase Kaidan's hotness.

"His mouth found mine in the dark, fiery and rough. I gave a tiny whimper before melting into him and pulling his face down to mine even harder. In that kiss we spoke all of the things we couldn't say. He kissed me with an urgency born of strong, unstable emotion: fury. Was he angry because of how I made him feel? Angry that he was powerless to change tonight's outcome? I didn't know, but I welcomed it" 

"My hands we in his thick hair. He kissed down my upper body to my belly button, keeping his hands under my back, concentrating on my skin. I was gasping for short breaths now, unable to control myself as his lips burned a trail down to the edge of my shorts. He flicked open the button and licked the sensitive skin there. I gasped, and he made a masculine growling sound at me before he spoke."

Very steamy, yes? Get those votes in while you can.

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  1. I LOVE KAIDAN SO MUCH NICOLE!!! I was bummed he lost, but he was up against serious competition in Finnick! Still, he has my undying love and that should clearly be enough of a prize right? Right ;-) Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, I'm so glad to have found yours!