Monday, January 30, 2012

Review "Half-Blood" by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Half-Blood (Covenant, #1)
Half-Blood (Covenant #1)
Publication Date: October 18, 2011
Publisher: Spencer Hill
Paperback 281 pgs

     Alex is the daughter of a mortal and a Pure-Blood(decedents of the Gods). She is known as a Half-Blood, as a Half-Blood her choices in life are very limited. She can became a servant which pretty much amounts to slavery. Or she can become a Sentinel or a guard, protecting others from the Daimons that terrorize her people. There are strict rules that Half-Bloods must abide by, breaking them would mean slavery or even death. But things for Alex get complicated when she meets and starts to train with the Pure-Blood, Aiden. Above all else Half's and Pure's do not mix, especially romantically. As if things could get any worse, Alex learns some troubling information about herself as well as someone close to her. How will Alex deal with how difficult her life has suddenly become?

     Alex is a very strong character. She deals with some very difficult issues but remains tough despite all that she goes through. She also has a fiery personality that tends to get her in to trouble not only with her fellow students but with her instructors as well. At times she can be slightly reckless and then in turn has to deal with the consequences of her actions. I think this has a lot to do with her age as well as her strong personality. She doesn't sit back and let things happen she takes charge even if at times she shouldn't. I'm all for a character that jumps into action since it makes the story more exciting, entertaining, and unpredictable. I also noticed a little character growth throughout this novel. She is trying to reign in her impulsive nature so that she can become a Sentinel. We can't expect her to mature over night. 
     Despite all the difficulties in Alex's life she is not alone. She has her best friend Caleb by her side. Caleb is a great guy. When Alex needs someone to talk to he is there for her and comforts her as she deals with the mess that her life has become. He's protective of Alex and tries to keep her fiery personality from getting her into trouble. Then there is the very hot incredibly gorgeous Aiden. Aiden is a Pure-Blood Sentinel who is known for being tough, rough, and disciplined. He has taken on the task of training Alex. But Alex is able to see another side of him. Though there may be another side of Aiden he does expect a lot of Alex. He pushes her to do her best and requires that she does so even when he is not around. It's hard to fully explain Aiden without giving too much away. I will say that he is a good influence for Alex. Alex also meets Deacon, Aiden's younger brother. He is not like his brother at all and there are reasons for that. I do hope that we see more of Deacon in the next book. We are also introduced to Lea, Alex's enemy at the Covenant. The two can't seem to get along and it seems Lea lives to get under Alex's skin. Then we meet Seth, I also don't want to say much about him. But I can say that when he comes into Alex's life he adds more complications to her already hectic life. 

     I know a lot of people have probably heard that rumors that Half-Blood resembles Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy. I have to say I did notice some similarities but as I continued to read the similarities died out and the characters stood on their own. I was drawn into the word that Jennifer L. Armentrout created. I loved the world unfolded before me as I read. It wasn't difficult to understand as this world was explained even though there was a lot to learn about  it. It's based in our world but the Pure's and Half's mostly life separate from us and have their own rules and governing body. I love mythology so I hope to see more mythological creatures as the series progresses. I'm also really happy that this book had a pronunciation guide. I don't know how many times I have been reading and had no clue how to properly pronounce certain names or words. Half-Blood is action packed with a touch of romance that kept me wanting more. I am definitely going to be reading the next installment of this series, Pure.

     This is an amazing cover. I love the dark purple background and the different shades of purple in the flower, it just stands out and grabs my attention. I also like that this cover has a flower on the it. The cover is simplistic yet captivating. Very Nice!


  1. HALF-BLOOD, reminiscent of one of my all time favorite YA series, THE VAMPIRE ACADEMY, lured me into its world filled with compelling characters. I'd like to say that this book would have blown me away, except that I kept having so many flash backs of characters, scenes, and plots from THE VAMPIRE ACADEMY SERIES.

    1. I agree I did a lot of comparing to Vampire Academy as I was reading. If I had read Half-Blood first it would have been a completely different story.