Monday, March 5, 2012

Kim Harrison Signing

On Friday I was fortunate enough to meet Kim Harrison as part of her tour for A Perfect Blood (book ten of the Hollows series). When I heard she was coming to Colorado I was really excited. My brother bought me one of her books and then I had to go out a buy the rest of them. I couldn't put them down. I think her's is the only adult series I have actually read.
I haven't been to that many author events so I still get nervous each time I attend a signing. This event was by far the biggest one I have been to, there were a ton of people and the book store was out of almost all of her earlier releases. Luckily for me I had my own books so I didn't have to buy any to get signed but I did end up with a copy of Once Dead Twice Shy.or at least my brother did.
I always forget to take a lot of pictures. Every time I have gone to an author signing I think remember to take pictures and I forget every time. Embarrassing, I know. But I do have a couple. Oops I don't have any pictures of my signed books. I'll have to get some and put them up later.

It was really crowded

Yep, that's Kim Harrison
I may have arrived a little late to the signing, okay I was really late but I got lost and my GPS was all wacky and kept recalculating (nightmare). I eventually made it in time to hear her talk about how her book made it to number 2 on the New York Times best seller list. She also mentioned how she wants her characters to get their happy endings but those HEA may be different from what readers want them to be. I'm just saying I know who I want Rachel to end up with and it better happen or I will be really really sad. Yes I want her to accept herself and be able to fully understand her magic but I still want her with a certain someone. 

I had a great time and can't wait for the next book Ever After to come out in 2013. Yep I'll be waiting awhile for this one.

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