Sunday, March 4, 2012

WHY (13)

This week the question I have been thinking about is, WHY is insta-love okay with me?

     I have thought about this issue a lot because it seems to bother some people but I have to say I really don't mind insta-love. I am of course referring to when characters fall in love the first time they meet and then they can't live without each other and are even willing to die for one another. For me the reason I don't mind is that I realize that in paranormal worlds things are a lot different than in the real world. There is always the threat of danger or death, life is just more intense in a supernatural world. If I can believe that characters have supernatural abilities why can't I believe in insta-love. Several factors have to be in place for the insta-love to feel real. It has to be well written. It also has to be believable. The relationship also has to fit into the story and make sense for the characters. If all of a sudden the character falls in love but it doesn't make sense to me then I won't become invested in the relationship therefore I won't become attached to what I am reading. 

     There have been a few examples where an intsa-love relationships was just too unbelievable, even for me. I won't say which books I am referring to but I will give vague examples. The main characters feel in love right away even though they were swore enemies. I just thought it was too unrealistic. There was no getting to know you phase where the characters realized that they were wrong about the other. They just meet and immediately couldn't live without the other, not a relationship I could realistically believe. Therefore I got a little annoyed with the book. Another example would be when a female lead instantly fell in love with a guy and couldn't stop thinking about him just because he was super attractive. She didn't even know his name or where he came from but she did know she couldn't live without him. It was very annoying and not at all realistic.   

But, overall I don't mind when characters instantly fall in love. So how do you feel about insta-love? Does it bother you or do you not really care either way?

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  1. I don't mind insta-love either - if it's realistic, as you said already. I like the intensity it brings along, and also because it's good material for some shocks and plot twists later on. If the characters fall in love slowly because they get to know each other closely, there is not much room for suprises. I get bored with that too easily, books with a romance like that are definitively not amongst my favorites, and I wouldn't read them again. Thus, I'm definitively a fan of insta-love, even though I know it's kinda unrealistic, but I need it to enjoy a read to the fullest. ;)