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Review "The Demon Trapper's Daughter" Jana Oliver

The Demon Trapper's Daughter (The Demon Trappers #1) 
The Demon Trapper's Daughter (The Demon Trapper's #1)
Publication Date: February 1, 2011
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Paperback 340 pgs

     In the not to distant future, 17 year old Riley Blackthorne is a demon trapper's apprentice. She wants to be just like her father the legendary demon trapper, Paul Blackthorne. Riley lives in Atlanta, the city is bankrupt along with much of the country. Because of the lack of money most things have fallen by the wayside, like proper education. Between going to classes at now defunct grocery stores or coffee houses Riley spends her time trapping Grade One demons and learning all there is to know about becoming a demon trapper. But a tragic accident leaves Riley reeling and trying to figure out what to do next. Who can she trust and how will she become what she wants to be?

     I found the world that Jana Oliver created to be extremely different and exciting. Especially the types of demons that the guild traps. The Grade One demon's known as biblio-fiends are particularly interesting. They hate books therefore they can usually be found in a library reeking havoc on the much hated books. Though they are small, small enough to fit into a sippy cup, they are still demons which means they're still dangerous.Besides the demon's the world that Riley inhabits is kind of depressing. Because of the bankruptcy of the country gasoline is way too expensive for most people to afford. Some people still have cars but others use whatever they can to get around, yeah even horses. School's were too costly so kids are shuffled from building to building getting their education in whenever they can. Her father used to be a teacher but he now has to hunt demon's in order to make ends meet. Yeah, like I said it's kind of depressing.

     The characters are well developed and flawed which makes them fun to read about. Riley for instance is not your typical teenage girl. She wants to go into a field that is dominated men. She faces intimidation from the male guild members who don't believe she is capable of becoming a trapper. Yet, she is determined to become a trapper so she refuses to let them get to her.She is young and makes mistakes but she is also strong which allows her to deal with the difficulties that arise in her life.Her father is supportive of her even though he wishes she would do something less dangerous. He is a loving father who is trying his hardest to make life easier for his daughter. Since becoming a trapper he has made a name for himself, in some circles he is considered a legend. Then there is his former apprentice, now journeyman, Denver Beck. He is on his way to becoming a master trapper but still works with Riley's father on cases. Beck has a thick accent and is quite protective of Riley without seeming to be. He and Riley have a complicated relationship. The two don't get long very well which means when he tries to help or give her advice she refuses to listen to him. We also meet Peter and Simon. Peter is Riley's best friend an all around nice guy. Riley is able to be normal around him and not worry about the demands of being a demon trappers apprentice. They talk about everyday things like their parents and school. Simon is Riley's love interest and he is a sweet, highly religious guy. There are several other character's that make Riley's world come alive but to learn about them you'll have to read the novel.

     Though I really enjoyed reading The Demon Trapper's Daughter I had a few issues with the book. I thought the language seemed a little dated. At times I was taken out of the story because of the awkward wording. I'm not sure if this is only me but it just felt off. There is also some strong language which I don't mind but I'm noting it in case others are bothered by this type of language. 

     I really like this cover from the bright red to the city of Atlanta in the background. Plus, I like how Riley is not dressed as a girly girl. She's wearing awesome pants, super cute shoes that let you know she can kick butt when she needs to. 

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