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Review "Descended by Blood" by Angeline Kace

Descended by Blood
Descended by Blood (Vampire Born #1)
Publication Date: August 26, 2011
Publisher: Accendo Press
Kindle Edition 263 pgs

     Brooke is a teenage girl who has spent the majority of her life moving all over the country. She has a chance to set down some roots in Buena Vista, Virginia. Brooke has a loyal and amazing best friend, Kaitlynn and has finally gotten a chance at the guy she's been drooling over. But when she is attacked by a fanged monster her whole world turns upside down. She learns things about herself that are terrifying but she'll need to embrace what she learns about herself or else she may not survive. 

     There were so many things that I liked about Descended by Blood. Firstly, the characters were believable and felt real especially the language they used. I have read a few books where I was totally thrown off by the language the characters used. It either felt awkward or as if the author was trying too hard to make the characters sound like teens. Secondly, I liked all the descriptions of places or people. I didn't feel loaded down with details. One issue I had was that there were a ton of words that I had no clue how to say which I tripped over throughout the book. In other words the way I pronounce them and the way they are actually said are probably not even close. 

     The story focuses on Brooke a shy teenager who is not fond of confrontations. She has issues with defending herself but luckily her best friend Kaitlynn does not have those same issues. As the story progresses Brooke realizes that she will have to get stronger in order to protect herself as well as her friends and family. And eventually she does start sticking up for herself which I liked. I am not of fan of characters that constantly need to be rescued even though they are quite strong. I liked that we were able to see Brooke change. It wasn't a drastic change as to make it seem unbelievable but a more subtle change that fit with the story and the character. When the novel starts Brooke only has to deal with typical high school stuff but once she gets attacked by a vampire her life changes drastically. Her life starts to revolve around training and trying to stay alive in a supernatural world. I had one issue with Brooke that annoyed me to no end and it had to do with the two guys in the book, Jaren and Mirko. But saying too much about this will give a lot away.

   Another big part of Brooke's life is her relationship with Kaitlynn. I was really glad to see a supportive best friend who didn't turn her back on Brooke when things got tough. Kaitlynn is loyal and there for Brooke whether she is dealing with boyfriend drama or weird vampire stuff. The relationship felt believable and I was happy to see that Brooke was just as protective of Kaitlynn as Kaitlynn was of Brook. I did feel as though Brooke leaned on Kaitlynn more but it seems as though they have a strong friendship. 

    In Descended by Blood we are also introduced to Jaren. A guy Brooke has had a crush on forever. When he finally notices her and they start hanging out Brooke is overjoyed. Jaren seems nice but I'm not really a huge fan of his. Jaren is too indecisive when it comes to his relationship with Brooke which kind of messes with her emotions. Then there is Mirko. He is a vampire who was made, he really didn't have a say in the matter but has made the best of his situation. I liked him instantly. He's funny, honest, strong and protective. He's been through a lot but seems to be able to open up to Brooke. We learn a little about his past and I'm hoping we get a little more insight into who he is in the next book. 

     All in all I really liked Descended by Blood. There were some things that annoyed me but it wasn't about the writing or the plot it was more about how the characters behaved sometimes. I guess it did make them feel more believable but at times I felt like shouting at them. Maybe I didn't mention it enough but this book is about vampires. Which I don't mind but I know some take issue with them so just a little heads up in case you are unaware. I will definitely be on the lookout for the next book in this trilogy, Enemy Within.

     I really like this cover. Brooke is the focus with a creepy red sky in the background. It's not overly done or to busy. I think it portrays nicely what the book is about, Brooke's life. I also think the colors are well done it's not too bright because it wouldn't make sense to have a sunny cover when the character is dealing with trying to survive vampires. 

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