Sunday, April 29, 2012

WHY (18)

This week the question I have been thinking about is: WHY am I addicted to Goodreads?

     When I first discovered Goodreads in June of last year I had no idea how attached to the site I would become. Up until then I didn't keep track of the books I was reading or when I was reading them. But ever since I found the site I haven't spent more than a few days away from it. There are several reasons why I like the site. 

     Every time I see a new book that I might want to get or read I check it out on Goodreads. What is it about? Is it the first in a series, a stand alone? But I also want to know if others liked the book and why? Goodreads is a great and easy way for me to see how other readers felt about a book. If people mostly enjoyed it and it seems like something I would like than I'll go ahead and get it. But if others mention things like plot problems, poor character development, or any other issues I'm far less likely to pick that book up. I must say I check almost everything I read on Goodreads, it has become like a habit.

     Another reason I am addicted to Goodreads is because it is a great way to keep track of the books I'm reading. Like I stated earlier, before I got an account I really didn't pay attention to when I read what. I just read a book put it down and then started on the next one. But now I can see when I read something so I can get an estimate of how long it's been since I read a certain book. Plus, I can also find out how many books I've read each year. I didn't really try to figure out how many books I read in a year but I must say it's interesting to watch my progress throughout the year, as well as others. 

     Goodreads is also a convenient way to list the books that I want to read. I don't have to go roaming through the internet to try and find a book I saw once but can't remember any details about it, such as the name or author. It's all right there in one easy to find location, very helpful. 

     An additional reason I like the site is because it's a place to interact with other readers and find out what they are reading as well as their thoughts on certain books. Yes of course I can find this by going to their blogs (which I do) but sometimes time is an issue and I can look at what everyone thinks in one easy step. And not everyone has a blog, granted most do but not all. Plus, I can check out what others are reading. I can find books that I might be interested in but hadn't heard about before.

     At times I have had a few issues with Goodreads such as it's temporary unavailable. I go there desperately wanting to do some research and then I'm told nope you gotta wait. I have also noticed when I search for a book it can bring up some weird results, not at all what I was looking for. But I  think the good of the site far out ways any problems I've ever had. 

Are you a fan of Goodreads? Let me know.



  1. Ooh, I love GoodReads. For the same reasons you do, really. You know, I used to have this.... allergy to social media until I joined GR. It's like facebook for me-the only place I'm likely to be lurking.

    I particularly like knowing how fast I read, how many books I read, when I'm most likely to not be reading... I also love keeping track of the books I want to read in the future, of course!

    The only feature I think it's missing is some kind of alert that would allow me to know when upcoming books are finally out. Even if I could show the Pub Date on my Shelves, that'd be enough! What do you think?

    Great post, as usual!


    1. That would be a feature I would definitely want. I think adding some kind of alert for books that people have on there to-read list would be a really good idea. Sometimes I find out weeks later that a book I've been wanting to read has been out for quite some time, frustrating.

    2. Let's take this up with the GR team. Maybe they'll even consider adding it if enough users express their interest! :)

      (It really is frustrating... It happens a lot to me too! Also, I'll save an alloted time to read certain book I'm awaiting like crazy, then forget what the hole in my TBR schedule is for, and schedule something else, thus pushing something I've been waiting for a whole year to the next month! It's awful)

    3. If you start a petition for this feature, I am so in! Not that I am really that desperate for reads - there are enough books on my tbr that are already out - but it'd still be nice. Great idea!

  2. Haha, I am -most definitively!- addicted to goodreads. Since I joined at the beginning of the year, it's almost as important as my blog. However, I try not spending too much time there, just for the sake of my sanity. Coz my book stack is already growing without me visiting there, thank you very much... *sigh*

    1. I find myself logging in several times a day to either update my reading or browse.
      It's a great site but it can be very addictive:)