Saturday, April 14, 2012

WHY (17)

This week the question I have been thinking about is, WHY do I wait so long to get highly awaited releases?

There are a ton of books that I am looking forward to reading and as many of their release dates approach I find that I am not rushing out to go get them. There are several reasons why I'm not jumping in my car, headed to my local bookstore.

     Firstly, I have so many books sitting on my selves or in my computer waiting to be read that I am not lacking for new reading material. I feel as though I should work on my TBR pile so I don't end up with a ton of books I'll never get to. I've said it before I feel bad for having books just sitting on the shelf forever. I have actually read a few of the books in my pile and did the corresponding reviews for them. I know, yay me! 

     Secondly, I don't always rush out to buy a highly awaited release because I've already waited a long time so what is a few more days or weeks? Plus I know that it's going to take forever for the next book to come out. If I delay buying the book the wait won't be so long for the next installment. Crazy reasoning I know but it works for me. It would be different if I had just finished the last book and the newest one was coming out. I would still be stuck in that world wanting more. But if enough time has passed say a few months then I don't mind waiting a little longer.

     Lastly, I have mentioned before that I love to re-read. It takes a lot of time to get caught up and sometimes I just don't have time to do that before a books release date. I could always buy the book and just put it on my shelf until I get to it. But for some reason I don't like doing that. I have had the last book in the Sweep series sitting on my shelves since Christmas. I am still waiting to re-read the other books so I can get to it. There are 13 previous books I need to re-read and not doing so would make me feel too lost. Not that the books are long but it takes quite a bit of time to read 13 books.

Of course there are those rare books that I will drop everything to read. I don't always delay getting new releases.

Any thoughts on this question?

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