Friday, April 27, 2012

Review "Switched" by Amanda Hocking

Switched (Trylle Trilogy, #1)
Switched (Trylle Trilogy)
Publication Date: January 3, 2012
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

     Wendy Everly has never quite fit in, even her mother thought there was something wrong with her. When Wendy was six her mother tried to kill her, ever since she has lived with her brother Matt and Aunt Maggie. When the mysterious Finn Holmes comes into her life her whole world gets flipped upside down. She finds out she is a changeling and now it's time for Wendy to go home to a place she never knew existed. 

      I was very intrigued about Switched especially when I heard that it was about trolls(Trylle) and changelings. I haven't read any books about trolls so I was eager to give it a try. What I found was an imaginative world with captivating characters all woven into an interesting story.

     When we first meet Wendy she's feisty and confrontational. And I liked her character instantly. She doesn't seem to want to get into trouble but she usually does anyway. But then she meets Finn. He ends up changing her life forever. Finn tells her she's a changeling and now it's time for her to return home. Of course Wendy doesn't believe him but after she is attacked, Wendy has no choice but to go with Finn. Once in Forening, a Trylle stronghold, her life gets even more complicated. She isn't really told much about the Trylle except for what she needs to know. At times I became frustrated for Wendy because it seemed as though she was being kept in the dark. I wanted them to just tell her everything but of course that would be boring. Even though she doesn't know everything about the Trylle she still stands up for what she believes and definitely has her own opinions about what she learns.

     There are a ton of interesting characters inhabiting the world of Switched. Finn for one is a tracker who finds the changelings then brings them home. He seems to be a nice helpful guy, I found myself liking him. He's also protective of Wendy but he does try to keep his distance from her, emotionally. He also knows a lot about Trylle society and helps Wendy as she learns about her place within that society. We also meet Wendy's brother Matt and Aunt Maggie who also protective of Wendy, especially Matt. They uproot their lives each time Wendy gets in trouble. Through it all they continue to love her and give her support. Then there is Elora, Wendy's biological mother who is quite powerful but very distant emotionally which makes her seem cold. In Forening she is introduced to Rhys, a mansklig, who lives with her mother. Rhys is a very likable character. He's funny but a little weird though he does help Wendy feel more comfortable in her new home, which made me like him even more. Of course there are many other characters but since I'm writing a review and not a novel I'll leave it up to you to discover them.

   Switched is an entertaining story with a trollish(probably not a word) twist. There are fast paced moments but we also get to sit back and learn about the Trylle as well as their enemies the Vittra, who are also trolls. The characters come alive and make the reader eager to know what will happen next in their lives. Amanda Hocking has developed an imaginative world that I can't wait to learn more about. I'll definitely be reading the next installment of this trilogy, Torn.

     This cover definitely stands out. I really like this cover, especially the bold cloudy-red background. I also think the swirls around the title make it stand out but are also pretty. Plus I like how Wendy is sitting far away from a castle in a beautiful field of flowers. 


  1. I should probably consider giving this one a shot. The only stuff I've read by Hockings is her zombie novels, and those are fun. Not exactly deep, and predictable as heck, but entertaining and light. I think that this might be the case here as well - nice and entertaining.

    Thanks for the review, Nicole!

    1. No, they aren't super deep. More like lighthearted with lovable characters.
      I've enjoyed what I have read so far.