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Review "Lenobia's Vow" by P.C.Cast and Kristin Cast

Lenobia's Vow (House of Night Novellas, #2)
Lenobia's Vow (House of Night Novella #2)
Publication Date: January 31, 2012
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

     This is the second novella in the House of Night series. The year is 1788 and 16 year old Lenobia is the illegitimate daughter of a rich and powerful baron. Which means her future will be about survival not fancy balls and parties like the barons legitimate children. But when Lenobia's mother discovers a way to change her daughter's life she doesn't hesitate. Lenobia is to sail to New Orleans where she can begin a new life. As she sails on the Minerva she encounters an evil bishop who will stop at nothing to make Lenobia his. What follows is a journey that will change Lenobia forever.

     I wasn't entirely sure if I was going to like this novella. I read Dragon's Oath, the first novella, and it felt incomplete to me. I wished I had learned more about Dragon Lankford so I was quite surprised when I finished Lenobia's Vow. In the end I felt as though I understood her much better than before. We get a brief glimpse into an important part of Lenobia's very long life.

     Lenobia is young but she has an inner strength that she uses to help her as she journey's into an unknown future. I found myself liking Lenobia as she began to discover who she is and how strong she is going to have to be in order to have the life she wants. Though the trip to New Orleans is not long, Lenobia faces several challenges. Not everything she encounters on the ship is horrible. The ships stables hold horses that Lenobia feels drawn to. With all that she is facing the horses bring her a happiness that she didn't expect to feel after leaving her life behind. Then there is the boy, Martin who tends to the horses. Soon Lenobia isn't sure why she goes to the stables, is it for the horses or the boy. During the trip Lenobia has to be brave, as well as strong. As the ship continues on Lenobia starts to become the determined woman we meet in The House of Night. 

     I thought that the cast of characters were pretty well developed for a novella. We get more information on Lenobia as well as the evil bishop that is after her. But as for Martin, and Sister Marie Madeline we don't really know much about them except what kind of people they are. Of course I would have liked to know more about each person that interacted with Lenobia but that would not have been possible. P.C.Cast and Kristin Cast develop a rich story that allows readers to get a glimpse into the beloved professors past. I liked this story and I am eager to see what I learn in the next novella, Neferet's Curse.

     I really like this cover. It's dark and mysterious. We see a young Lenobia showing the things that she is known for, her silver hair and of course a  beautiful white horse. I also like the vines trailing up the side of the  left side of the cover.

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