Sunday, September 25, 2011

My perfect day with Puck

Though I am completely Team Ash, I think I would get a long better with Puck and well Ash is already taken.  Since I spend a lot of time indoors reading this is how I imagine Puck would draw me out. Hope you enjoy my day with Puck. I'm pretty sure I did.

Puck the Prankster always a mischievous look in his eyes and that afternoon was no different. The weather that day was overcast and threatening to rain throughout most of the afternoon.  Puck however could not stand to be cooped up in a lifeless room.  He had heard of loner that had been traveling through who could create his own weather and Puck could not resist the urge to find him. I could see the gleam in his eye and new that he was up to something and the last time I got involved in one of his schemes I woke up days later not remembering the fight. I did what I could to keep myself from his view as I tried to sneak around the corner but he was quick to catch me. “Nicole, where you slinking off to?”
“Oh Puck I didn’t see you there.” I tried to pull myself away from him but something about him always left me mesmerized. “I was just going off to snuggle under the blankets.”
“No problem.  Since you aren’t really doing anything I figure you’re the perfect person to help me out with a little something.” As he spoke he began wheeling me around towards the front door.
“Gee thanks.” The sarcasm was evident but rolled right off Puck.
“Now I’m thinking we need to get a start out before it gets to dark. There’s someone I have been meaning to meet.” He grabbed coats from the rack and we were out the door.
“You think this is a good time to meet someone? How do you figure?” I asked with a little irration in my voice but Puck seemed unfazed by my attitude.
“Nicole you need to get out more and stop spending so much time indoors daydreaming and reading.” He continued in front of me and I walked unwillingly behind him. For a time we seemed to be walking in no real direction at all but he wasn’t at all frazzled.  He seemed to know exactly where to go. For a time he was quiet lost in his own thoughts until he sensed that we were not alone. We hid ourselves from view and Puck immediately began plotting his move. Before the men approached Puck began to craft the trees in a manor that made them all look the same causing a mass confusion for anyone traveling in that direction. He then crafted a makeshift arrow and posted it in the newly created path.  From time to time I tried to pipe out my concerns but he paid no mind to me.  When he figured that his job was done he once again pulled me behind the trees.  We watched as the men approached and their obvious confusion had Puck in hysterical laughter. He let them struggle for awhile before he stepped up offering his help sending them off in the wrong direction purposely.
“Let’s go.  We’ll need to get there before dark.” He once again headed off in where he knew the path to be. He kept chuckling to himself as we wandered the forrest path until he realized he made the mistake of getting us lost. He stood there in disbelief as we found ourselves in terriotory that we were not supposed to be in.

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