Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Book devouring state = bad blogger

I have been wanting to read constantly as of late. Which is great I finished a ton of books. But the downside is I haven't down a single review for the books I've read. I figured I was 5 or 6 reviews behind. Unfortunately, I was sadly mistaken I just counted and I have nine reviews to write. Nine reviews!! I must like to punish myself. I do have one done and I should be posting it sometime soon, hopefully tonight or in the morning. Luckily I did take notes so my reviews should be at least 5 sentences:)
This all started when I wasn't feeling well. When I was sick I read and then I guess I just didn't want to stop. But since I have been better I know I should get some posts done but then I pick up a book to read a few chapters and the next thing I know it's light outside and I have finished the book and my post was never completed. Bad Blogger I know. Sometimes I just can't help it. But I will try to put down my books and actually get some reviews posted.
Just wanted to let everyone know. I haven't stopped blogging I just get lost in books sometimes.


  1. Don't worry, Nicole. This happens. It always happens *eyes her huge and growing pile to reviews-to-write* WE'll just have to tackle them two or three at a time... and hope people won't mind if they're a bit shorter! :)

    At least, you stopped posting because you were reading. I did because I got swallowed in chores and other related shenanigans. Ouchie.

    1. I hate when chores and everyday life get in the way but it happens.
      I just have to do one review at a time but luckily this time I did take notes on each book so it should be easier to write the reviews.
      Thanks for the support:)