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Review "Kiss of Frost" by Jennifer Estep

Kiss of Frost (Mythos Academy, #2)
Kiss of Frost (Mythos Academy #2)
Publication Date: November 29, 2011
Publisher: Kensington
Paperback 354 pgs
     In Kiss of Frost we are back with Gwen as she navigates life at the Mythos Academy. After nearly being killed in Touch of Frost, Gwen is forced to take warrior lessons from Logan Quinn and some of his Spartan friends. How will Gwen deal with being so close to the guy that rejected her and cracked her heart? She gets a brief break from all the training and heartache when her best friend Daphne forces her to go to the Winter Carnival which is pretty much a fun filled party with skiing during the day. But someone is after Gwen and trouble follows her all the way to the Winter Carnival. Will Gwen be able to figure out who is after her before it's too late?

     The main reason I like Gwen as a leading character is because she seems so real. It's the moments that she is unsure of herself that allow me to connect with her. If she were perfect and knew what she was doing all the time the story wouldn't be as fun for me to read. I like watching Gwen slowly start to grown into who she is, as she gets stronger and becomes more secure with her psychometry (touch magic). This is one of my favorite parts of the series that and the mythology. Since Gwen is still young she makes plenty of mistakes. Mistakes that could have been avoided but she doesn't entirely think things through at times. And of course these lapses in judgement end up endangering her life. We also get to see that Gwen's powers are growing as she learns a new skill that could be very useful especially since the Reaper of Chaos want her dead. 

     Logan the super hot Spartan has been tasked with teaching Gwen how to use weapons so that she can defend herself if and when the reapers come after her. We do learn a little more about the mysterious Logan. This information gave me a little insight as to who Logan is but of course I would still like to know more. There wasn't as much Gwen and Logan interaction as I would have liked. but it makes sense that they wouldn't spend a lot of time together after Logan rejected her. But I really like exchanges between them and hopefully there will be more in the next book.

     Daphne and Gwen's friendship continues to develop as the new best friend's spend more time together. She helps Gwen learn the ins and outs of the Academy.  I love that Daphne used to be one of the stuck up popular girls but she has shown that she is much more than that. Plus, I love that she has pink sparks flying out of her fingers because of her Valkyrie magic. Daphne is still with Carson a Celt who is also the leader of the marching band. Carson is super nice, kind of shy and also becoming good friends with Gwen. We meet a few new characters who are friends of Logan's, Oliver and Kenzie. The two guys help Logan as he tries to help Gwen learn to fight. 

     In this installment we learn more about what it means for Gwen to be a champion and how challenging and dangerous that role really is. We also meet another mythological creatures, Fenir Wolves. The mythology aspects of these books are part of the reason the story is so entertaining. I love learning about new pieces of Gwen's mythological world in each book. More insight is given into what the Reaper's of Chaos are up to and why. Though I liked this book and read it in a day I was a little disappointed by it. At times I found the story to be predictable. I would have liked to be a little more surprised when certain plot twists were revealed. But overall Kiss of Frost was a quick, light, fun read that had me smiling. I am eager to see more of these characters, and their world in the next book, Dark Frost.

     So far Kiss of Frost is my favorite cover out of the series. I like how the girl has her eyes closed and is covered in snow. It's pretty and makes me want to know what's up with all the snow? 

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