Saturday, February 4, 2012

Why (9)

This week I have been thinking about cover art. So I was wondering why do some series have inconsistent covers?

     Before I started blogging I didn't pay too much attention to how consistent the covers of a series were. I just read the books put them on my shelf and moved on to the next book in my pile. But when I started blogging I decided to not only rate the books I read but also their covers. That's when I realized the inconsistency on the covers of some of my favorite reads. Of course this is a superficial issue but one that I have thought about each time I picked up one of these books. 

Vampire Academy (Vampire Acade...Blood Promise (Vampire Academy...Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academ...My Soul to Take (Soul Screamer...My Soul to Steal (Soul Screame...If I Die (Soul Screamers, #5)
(Vampire Academy, Blood Promise, Last Sacrifice, My Soul to Take, My Soul to Steal, If I Die)

     One such series I am referring to is Vampire Academy. It seems that each cover has a different model, ones that don't even resemble the main character. I understand that the Rose in my mind will not match the Rose the author envisioned. I know authors don't have a lot or any say in covers but you would think that those in charge of the cover art would want the covers to have some consistency. But when the girls on the covers have light hair as opposed to Rose's dark hair it leaves me wondering, is that supposed to be Rose or another character? The covers of the Soul Screamers also have this same issue. The models are different and their appearances don't match the main character Kaylee.With different models for each cover it leads one to believe that these girls apparently have the ability to change their appearance. I'm kidding of course. I just think it's confusing for the reader(me) to have so many versions of one character. I really love both of these series but the covers drive me crazy. I'm not opposed to having cover models on the covers of my favorite books, I just don't like it when the covers conflict with one another. For some reason this inconsistency just annoys me. Not enough that I won't still buy the books but enough that I will rant about it. I have noticed that some series use cover models but have the same one for each book of the series.

Evernight (Evernight, #1)Stargazer (Evernight, #2)Afterlife (Evernight, #4)The Summoning (Darkest Powers,...The Awakening (Darkest Powers,...The Reckoning (Darkest Powers,...
(Evernight, Stargazer, Afterlife, The Summoning, The Awakening, The Reckoning)

     I just wanted to highlight some covers that are more consistent. One example would be the Evernight series by Claudia Gray. I had to examine these books to see if the girl was the same and from what I can tell she is. It's not obvious from just a glance whether it's the same girl or not. Not only is the theme consistent but so is the cover model. If the model on the cover of The Darkest Powers trilogy is different I can't tell. Having the same model on each cover can be done. That's why it bugs me so much when it isn't done. This is just my opinion of course. And I may be crazy for spending time getting annoyed by this but I can't help it, it just bothers me. I can't help it that I want my books to match so when they don't I tend to get a little annoyed. 

Does cover inconsistency bother you? Or do you even notice? Leave a comment and let me know.

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