Friday, August 24, 2012

Review of "Ascend" by Amanda Hocking

Ascend (Trylle Trilogy #3)
Publication Date: April 24, 2012
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Paperback: 326 pgs
     Ascend is the final book in the Trylle Trilogy. Wendy is all set to marry Tove and become queen of the Trylle. War with the Vittra is imminent and in order to save those she loves, Wendy will be forced to make a very difficult decision. Wendy will also have to choose between the two men she has fallen for. But will they have a chance at a Happy-Ending or will war with the Vittra destroy them all?
     Wendy has grown up a lot since coming to Forening, for the most part she's had no other choice. I like the way that Wendy has come into her own. She resisted at first but then she realized how important her role would be in protecting her people as well as her loved ones. Wendy also shows her strength by making some very difficult choices. She knows her choices will effect those around her and she tries to make the best decisions possible, even at the expense of her own happiness. We get to watch her become who she's meant to be.

One of my favorite characters is back, Loki. In Ascend we learn additional background information on his father. Wendy also spends more time with him and gets to know him better. He's charming and tends to downplay his goodness and I can't help but smile every time he's in a scene. On the other hand we don't read too much about Finn. He's off on an assignment and doesn't really have too many interactions with Wendy. Let's just say there is a reason Loki is my favorite. Fortunately, we do get a resolution to the love triangle that has plagued Wendy for quite some time. 
 For me, Ascend is a satisfying conclusion to the Trylle Trilogy. There is a bonus novella that gives added insight into how these characters lives turn out. I really loved reading about these characters and I'm a little sad that their story is over. 
     Though I like the cover of Ascend, it's not one of my favorites. The green is bold and makes this cover stand out. Plus, I really like the swirls around the title. I just think it's lacking something. 


  1. I haven't read this series, yet, but I look forward to them.

    1. I really liked them. I just wish there had been more.