Monday, August 20, 2012

Review of "Into the Deep" by Lauryn April

Into the Deep
Publication Date: August 10, 2012
Kindle Edition
     Ivy Daniels is an average teen until the day she nearly drowns. After her accident she develops a new ability. Is she going crazy, did her accident cause brain damage, or is her ability actually real? Because of her new found ability Ivy "overhears" someones really dark thoughts. Ivy will have to use her ability as well as depend on others around her to help solve the mystery. If she doesn't figure out who the dangerous "voice" belongs to in time, her whole school could blow up with everyone in it.
     Into the Deep is the debut novel from author, Lauryn April. Into the Deep is one of those books that I found myself getting lost in. The main character, Ivy, is quite likable, easy to relate to, and I was able to get caught up in her life as she dealt with her new ability. Another aspect I enjoyed about Into the Deep were the sensory details, they weren't overwhelming but they did allow me to feel as though I could envision the scene being described. 
     One of my favorite parts of this novel were the characters. Ivy is a bit quiet and tends to be a follower. But after nearly drowning she begins to change. I liked the way that Ivy grew and developed as a character throughout the story. Her new found ability allowed her to discover who she wanted to be as well as who she wanted to be friends with. She was able to see past peoples exteriors to see what they were truly like. She soon learns that people are not always as the appear. Ivy also struggles to control what she can do. Sometimes her ability becomes overwhelming and at times she learns things she doesn't want to know. Ivy's distress made her seem more believable as a character. She just didn't accept what she could do. She fought it and then tried to learn to control it.
     Another character in Into the Deep is Brant. He is the type of guy who can be found smoking or skipping class, he's not known as being dependable. But as Ivy is coming to find out people aren't always as they appear. I liked Brant. He has a sad back-story and is completely misunderstood by most of his classmates. But we see that there is more to him than everyone thought. I found Brant to be very likable and I couldn't wait to read about him.
     Into the Deep has all of the things I look for in a novel a great story that's easy to get caught up in. Enjoyable characters that I can root for. It also has a little mystery, some paranormal aspects, and a touch of romance. I especially liked the epilogue and was quite satisfied with the ending of this novel. I felt as though everything was wrapped up quite nicely and I wasn't left with any lingering questions. I will definitely be on the lookout for more from author, Lauryn April. 
     I really really like this cover. It's eye catching and relates to what the book is about. I love the way the bubbles are streaming from the girls mouth as well as the way her her hair is floating up. It's not filled with a ton of graphics. It has just enough detail to make me want to pick this book up to see what this book is all  about. Very stunning!! 

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