Saturday, August 25, 2012

WHY (19)

I haven't post a WHY for awhile. My WHY of the Week is just a way for me to discuss some of the questions I think about while reading. Feel free to leave your thoughts on the subject.
This week the question I've been thinking about is: WHY I don't mind least most of the time.
Recently, I read a book that had a mild cliffhanger. Which got me thinking about cliffhangers in general. Do I like a book more or less if it has one. I'd say it doesn't really matter if the book has a cliffhanger or not. It depends on how much the story drew me in and how much I liked the characters. I won't dislike a book just because it leaves me hanging. 
Many of  the books I have read aren't recently published. It's easy enough to go out and get the next book that way I won't be on the edge of my seat wondering what's going to happen next. Even if the book is newly released most of the time I can deal with a cliffhanger. As long as I know there will be another book to look forward to and it will answer most of my questions.
But of course there are times when I'm reading a book that just came out and it has a cliffhanger and I just want to scream, seriously I have to wait a year to find out what happens next! Sometimes the wait is only six months but still the waiting is never fun. I tend to try and wait until a book has been out for awhile before reading it, that way the wait isn't too bad. But there are books that I just have to read as soon as they are released. Which means more waiting but I'm happy while reading. I'll deal with the consequences of reading a newly released book later. 
So, how do you feel about cliffhangers? Do they bother you are do they not even cross your mind? 

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