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Review "Captivate" by Carrie Jones

Captivate (Need, #2) 
Captivate (Need #2)
Publication Date: January 5, 2010
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Hardcover: 273 pgs

     Zara and her friends have trapped her father and his pixies in an old mansion but unfortunately pixies keep showing up in Bedford. The group believes they have no other choice but to trap the new arrivals with the other pixies in the mansion. When Astley a pixie king shows up, Zara's weird life gets even stranger. He claims to be different and seems to think Zara is meant to be his queen. Is he telling the truth about being different and if he is what does it mean for Zara? When things in Bedford take a bad turn Zara will make a life changing decision that she believes will help her protect the people she cares about.

     I was glad to get back into Zara's world as she is once again compelled to deal with the pixies that continue to invade Bedford. In Captivate, Carrie Jones starts to tie in Norse mythology with pixie lore which I though was an interesting choice. I'm looking forward to seeing how this mythology will develop throughout the series. Some of the questions I had from the first book were answered, but this book left me with more questions that I hope will be solved in book 3. Captivate is full of new information as the group continues to learn more about pixies. I also really liked how the chapter headings in this book were pixie tips. Very different but very original. 

     Zara begins to struggle with her feelings about pixies. She doesn't see everything in black and white, she realizes that there are shades of gray in between, areas that they others don't seem to see. She knows the pixie situation is more complicated than she wants to believe. It's something she will struggle with throughout the book. One thing I enjoyed was that Zara continued to be involved with Amnesty International which is something she's always done, it's a part of her, and I think it adds a little normal to her crazy life. I did notice that she seemed to be ruled by her hormones and she let things go when normally she wouldn't. Her friendship with Issie grows as the two spend more time together. Issie is so adorable I was happy that the two were able to depend on each other. Devyn, Issie, and Zara decide to compile a pixie guide that has all the information they have gathered in one place. The book is also to help others if they ever come upon a pixie problem in the future. Zara and Nick have gotten closer, they have bonded over their shared experiences with the pixies. We are introduced to a new pixie king, Astley.  I was quite happy with the addition of Astley. He's funny, confident, and a huge mystery. I am definitely hoping for more of him in Entice

     Though I liked Captivate there were some things that bothered me. Nick calls Zara "baby" a lot, at times it felt forced and was a little annoying. It took me out of the story because I just didn't find it believable. I also noticed that Nick and Devyn were demeaning to both Zara and Issie. The boys seem to think that they are they strong ones because the are male which makes them more capable of making rational decisions than the girls. This type of behavior just aggravated me. I can't remember how prevalent it was but it occurred at least once. I also had mixed feelings about Nick. Sometimes he got on my nerves at other times he was the guy I grew to like in Need. I took issue with the group's use of the word "Tinked" when dealing with pixie issues around those not in the know. It doesn't stop people from asking questions and it seemed unoriginal to me.

     Just like the cover of Need, I really like this cover. It continues the theme of gold dust with the eyelid and the tear. It's simple yet captivating ( oh yeah I went there) It's just different enough from Need but also similar enough that the reader can tell it's part of a series. 

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