Saturday, May 19, 2012

WHY (19)

Each week I try to come up with a question that has been on my mind in regards to reading or blogging. This week the question I have been thinking about is: WHY do I feel the need to discuss a book after I'm done reading?

     What I mean is, I will read a great book or a bad book and then have to share my thoughts about what happened, could happen or should have happened with those around me. Luckily my sister has the same taste in books that I do so I have someone to discuss my thoughts with. Sometimes I'll read something and I just have to talk about it. I can't leave my emotions all bottled up I have to let them out. 

     For example I just finished Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins (loved it!!) and I felt the need to gush about what I just read. So I found (trapped) my sister and went over what I loved about the book. Since she's awesome she listened to me blather for over an hour about the greatness that is Sweet Evil. After my gushing session she decided to read the book for herself to see if it was as good as I thought it was. She loved it too!! 

      I also love to rant about the books I read that annoy me. For example, there is a book that I'm reading that has a love triangle in it that is bothering me. I normally don't mind love triangles but when the main character is really indecisive about who she wants to be with I get really annoyed. As I'm reading I get to go on tirades that go something like: why won't she just choose? I can't stand all the back and forth just pick someone. I then go over the pros and cons of the guys and why she should pick one of them. Yep, my sister listens to these rants as well. For this book we want the main character to be with a certain guy so we go over why we think she should be with him. 

     It's cathartic to have someone to talk to about what I read. I get to rehash what happened and I know that the other person is just as interested in what happened as I am. Okay I'll admit that once I'm done talking about the book with one sister I'll find (again trap) my other sister and go over why I loved the book with her. Since she not really a reader she just listens and hopes I won't go on forever but she knows me better than that;)

How about you, do you feel the need to discuss what you just read? And if so with whom?

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