Friday, May 11, 2012

Review "Hollowland" by Amanda Hocking

Hollowland (The Hollows, #1)
Hollowland (Hollows #1)
Amanda Hocking
Publication Date: October 5, 2010
Kindle Edition 291 pgs

     A mutated form of the rabies virus is unleashed on the world, essentially turning those infected into zombies. Though the virus has only been around for a year it has completely shut down the United States. Remy, along with other survivors are forced to flee when the high school they are quarantined at is attacked by zombies. She takes off in search of her brother when she finds out he has been relocated. She'll stop at nothing to try and find him no matter how dangerous the journey may be.  

     I found Remy King, the female lead, to be an amazing character. She is dealing with a bizarre new world and surviving as best as she can. When she is forced to desert the only safe place she has known since the outbreak the only way to keep going, for her, is to find the only family she has left, her brother. Though she has no idea where her brother might be she can't stop looking for him despite the dangers she faces. The deaths she has seen have hardened her which helps her survive. She has great survival instincts, she's resourceful, takes charge, and is very determined. My kind of leading character. She takes control of her life even though everything else around her is out of control. It was refreshing for me to read about a character who could depend on herself and didn't fall apart when things became difficult. My main reason for really liking this book is because Remy was such a tough female character. Not that she didn't get upset or sad but she knows to keep those emotions locked down so they don't overwhelm her. Through it all she realizes that she has forgotten who she used to be before the outbreak. Which was sad, even though she can now fit off zombies the girl she was before the outbreak is gone. 

     As Remy searches for her brother she is joined by Harlow, a young girl who was at the high school with her. The two meet up with two other survivors who end up becoming traveling companions: Blue, an almost doctor and Lazlo, a rock star. Blue adds a calmness to the group while Lazlo adds humor. Blue and Lazlo decide to go with Remy because they really don't have any other plans or options. They become a group, looking out for each other and help one another survive. As the group heads out in search of her brother the reader is able to see what has happened to the U.S. since the virus appeared a little over a year ago.Which I should say is disturbing. The group discovers pockets of people all trying to survive in various ways. There are several instances where they are attacked by zombies and we see how they are forced to fight them off. In these scenes we are able to see how resourceful Remy is along with why it's good to travel in groups instead of alone. Plus, I have to add killing zombies sounds really gross and I'm glad this book is fictional because ewww. 

     Though I really enjoyed Hollowland, I have to say it's kind of depressing. There are a few bright moments but the rest is kind of disheartening. At times it seems like Remy is fighting her way through hell to find her brother. For me, Hollowland is about how people have adapted in order to survive as well as how far people are willing to go to for one another.Although Remy has a hard time getting attached to people she has found good and loyal companions that help her with her search. The ending left me sad but wanting to know how the rest of the story plays out. 

     I think the cover is okay but a little plain. I like the colors and the font used for the title but I don't think it really represents what the book is about. 

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  1. I liked this one. Not in a pretty, life changing, incredible story or characters way, though... It was in a "this was a fun ride" way. The one thing I'm most grateful for, though, is that it got me into zombie books - which led me to discover some other titles that are, indeed, pretty, life changing, incredible story and characters :)

    I haven't read the sequel yet, but I want to. I look forward to comparing notes!