Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review "Entice" by Carrie Jones

Entice (Need, #3)
Entice (Need #3)
Publication Date: December 14, 2010
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Hardcover: 266pgs

     Things in Bedford are a mess. The evil pixies that escaped are wreaking havoc on the town and its residents. On top of everything Zara is now a pixie, a pixie Queen to be exact. She's on a mission to find a way to Valhalla to try and get Nick back. It turns out finding Valhalla is not so easy and her mission is becoming extremely dangerous. If she can find Valhalla and Nick what will he think about what she has become?
     The characters in Entice are dealing with change especially Zara. We continue to learn about pixies since Zara is discovering what it's like to be one. Zara is different yet the same but she has to try and figure out how to come to terms with being pixie. I liked that even though she turned pixie some of the old Zara is still present. Which can be seen in the way she continues to think about phobias as well as Amnesty International. Zara believed that she had to become a pixie in order to be strong enough to bring Nick home. It will also help her deal with the evil pixies in Bedford. She's overwhelmed throughout most of the book by all she has to do. Though she has friends and family to depend on she feels as if it's all on her.
    There is quite a bit of new information on Astley's past, which allows readers to get to know him much better. Not only do we learn about his past but we get to see what kind of person he his through what he says and does. Zara spends a lot of time with Astley and the nature of their relationship changes throughout the course of this novel. Astley has become one of my favorite characters in this series. He's strong, dependable, and yet at times a little vulnerable. I really liked what we learned about him and can't wait for more of Astley in, Endure.
     Like the two previous books, Entice has very original chapter headings such as blog entries, tweets, status  updates and more. Entice was a good book that I felt added needed information to the Need series.I have to say I'm conflicted about who the better match for Zara would be, Nick or Astley. As of now I'm leaning towards Astley, I just think he fits with her better. Not that it is up to me or anything:) It's interesting to see how  a teenage girl deals with the growing demands that have piled up on her. I have enjoyed watching Zara become stronger as her life got more and hectic and weird. 
     I like that this cover is similar to the others in the series. All the books have had different views of a girls face and some type of gold element. I love the way the gold glitter she's exhaling looks as well as the dust that has fallen on her lip. It's a simplistic yet appealling cover.

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