Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Review "Torn" by Amanda Hocking

Torn (Trylle Trilogy #2)
Publication Date: February 28, 2012
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Paperback 324 pgs

     Wendy Everly has left Forening and returned home to her brother. But she'll soon realize why the Vittra are after her as well as what they want from her. With a war with the Vittra on the horizon, Wendy will have to make some extremely difficult choices. She'll have to choose between what she wants and what is best for the Trylle. When the time comes will Wendy be strong enough to make the difficult choices and what will happen if she chooses wrong?

     We are once again in the world of the Trylle as Wendy tries to navigate a world she barely knows or understands. We get more information on the life of the Trylle through Wendy and the people she interacts with. Though I enjoyed this story I felt it moved at a slower pace than Switched yet it was still pretty good. 

     I liked seeing Wendy get more comfortable in her role as princess. Though she doesn't know all there is to know about being Trylle she is starting to learn. She's also starting to develop her powers with the help of Tove. While trying to learn about being Trylle Wendy must try to deal with her complicated feelings for someone she can't be with. It was a little torturous to see her interactions with Finn. I was glad to see Wendy develop throughout this novel. She begins to try and become what she needs to once she realizes what's at stake. Character development is a huge reason why I love reading. If the character stays the same even though their world is falling apart, it's not believable. But Wendy matures and grows when she begins to understand the danger her people are in. 

     Of course we see more of the interesting characters we discovered in Switched, with the addition of Duncan and Loki. Duncan is her new tracker/bodyguard after Finn resigned at the end of Switched. Duncan is nothing like Finn, at times he can barley walk without tripping over himself. he may not be coordinated but he is likable. Then there is Loki, a Vittra who is charming, sarcastic, strong and seems to care for Wendy. Let me just say I loved the addition of Loki. I found myself waiting to see what he was going to do next. We learn a little about his back story but I would definitely be good with learning more. We also find out more about Elora, including why she placed Wendy with the Everly's. This new information helped me to understand her better. 

     Though I liked Switched a little more than Torn there were plenty of bright spots, like Loki. I just thought the pacing was slow and the interactions between Wendy and Finn were painful, which was sad. Not that I'm against having sad parts in books I realize everything isn't always rainbows and butterflies. It just seemed that Wendy spent a lot of time obsessing over him which bothered me a bit. I can't wait to see how Wendy's story ends in the final installment of the Trylle trilogy, Ascend

     I'm really feeling the fairy tale look of this cover. I love the bare landscape surrounded by vibrant blue. Plus, once again I really like the swirls all around the title.  

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